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Return to Light, My Resignation Letter

To whom it may concern,

There’s a distinct feeling that is forever nudging each human being towards their highest existence. It calls us first in subtle ways, then through signs and messages. When we ignore it, it gets louder! We can hear its subtle cry if we are still. Perceiving. Reflective. If we must be acquainted with its loudest voice, then we will answer with break downs in our body, our mind, and our spirit. Our once bright and shining light begins to flicker. We often associate these dis – eases with disease, but they are only signs that our ears are not in tuned with the call of our soul, nor our thoughts and hands aligned with the work of our destiny. Weight gain, weight loss, sleeplessness, fatigue, being lethargic, impulsive buying, or eating are all signs of an imbalance. There’s a dissonance existing between your heart and mind. You can feel the unsettling sound of your soul, but you ignore it for the rationale of perceived safety and comfort. Soon you learn, that if you forfeit the call to something greater, to maintain perceived comfort, that you will soon become uncomfortable.

How many of us are brave enough to quiet the rush of the outside world, listen to the resonant voice of truth deep in our bones, and say yes to walking towards the work of creativity and purpose? From one perspective, it can be frightening to declare your truth and walk in it, especially when it’s calling you to walk away.

But from the perspective of a believer, it is more frightening to sit complacent while the work of our soul’s destiny is blowing in the wind of time. I don’t have many fears, but in the words of my distinguished fraternal brother, “when my life is done, I’m determined to not just be another patch of grass.”

I know what I am and what I am not. I, like everyone reading this letter, am one human being amongst billions with a mathematical equation so intricate in its development that it produces only one exact version of a me. The mark of its infinite nature is exampled in my fingerprint, which I have now cut multiple times filing papers at this job, but healing has returned it unaltered. My print is perfectly intact. So perfectly intact that I can no longer ignore its resilience. If my sliced fingerprint can return to its esteemed pattern, then so can my light.

In conclusion, I’m deeply moved and inspired by all who choose to walk in their purpose and on purpose. Those who bravely serve here everyday in the capacity that soothes their nerve and sinew. I hope that those who are not are still, perceiving, and reflective enough to hear the call of their purpose, and do just as I am doing now; choose to return to their light. Return to the path of their highest existence. Empowered by the favor of the divine and controlled only by his reason for creating them and sending them here. May your true destiny guide you.

My last day at this position will be Friday, April 1st, 2022

Yusha Assad

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